Be among the first to board (with Zone 2) and among the first to leave when you land. ChoiceSeats are mostly window and aisle seats toward the front of Coach and may include exit row seats.* You'll find the same leg room as other seats, but you'll be closer to the front of the plane.

You can buy ChoiceSeats on all US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and US Airways Express flights. Also, if you're an AAdvantage elite member you can still book exit row seats without a fee! Just make sure you're logged in when you book or when you check in.


You can buy a ChoiceSeat when you book your flight, during check-in and anytime in between.

Already have a trip booked and want to buy a ChoiceSeat?


  • On
  • On the phone when you book your flight with US Airways
  • At the airport (at a kiosk or with an agent)

How much

We sell ChoiceSeats by flight, and the cost varies based on flight length, destination and time of day. For example, if you’re flying from Los Angeles to Philadelphia with a connection in Charlotte, you can buy a ChoiceSeat for the first flight to Charlotte and another ChoiceSeat for the second flight to Philadelphia.

Changes and refunds

If US Airways changes or cancels your flight, changes aircraft or causes you to miss a connection, or if you’re denied boarding on an oversold flight and we’re unable to provide your ChoiceSeats, you'll receive a refund. We'll proactively process your refund if your reservation changed before you checked in. If your reservation changed after you checked in, please call 800-428-4322 to request a refund.

ChoiceSeats are non-refundable if you change, cancel or miss your flight.

*AAdvantage elite members will still get exit row seats free of charge.